What an incredible story! The audio is excellent and I was immersed in each scene and dialogue. Excellent production! A pride for Mexicans and a story that needs to be shared. The cast is incredible and I loved being able to listen to actresses and actors of such a high caliber in this production. Highly recommend!


About: Toxicomanía

This is the best podcast I’ve heard thus far, it reminds me of old radio theater, hopefully, more of these shows will come out and a second season will arrive soon.


About: Crónicas Obscuras

I was hooked up until the last second. I can’t wait for more podcasts!


About: Crónicas Obscuras

I felt like I was in a movie.


About: Crónicas Obscuras

I’ve been repeating this season for two days straight, I don’t tire listening and imagining each scene, it’s excellent, great job to the entire cast.


About: Crónicas Obscuras

Excellent content, interesting and entertaining. It’s addicting!!!! I love them!!!!


About: Leyendas Legendarias

Best podcast you can listen to!


About: Leyendas Legendarias

Every episode is a rollercoaster of emotions. Great production!


About: El Instante