Crónicas Obscuras

There is a blurred line between fantasy and reality which feeds on our fear, where the impossible becomes the unpredictable and terror is mirror of your reality. These are our Crónicas Obscuras, a highly immersive horror podcast series.

Ana de la Reguera

For years there have been inexplicable disappearances in Mexican prisons, something authorities have never been able to explain. An inmate at Reclusorio Femenil Nezahualcóyotl will encounter a vampire family living in the basement of the prison, feeding on the inmates. Starred by Ana de la Reguera.

Antologías de la Noche

The night rises, and from it, emerges the most chilling stories. From the disturbing creative minds of "Crónicas Obscuras," Sonoro presents a new season of "Antologías de la Noche:" new obscure ancient writings that we wish did not exist. Stories of ambition, revenge, and power. Here, light deceives us, mirrors catch the truth of the corrupt and condemn it, and vanity faces its destiny by awakening ancient forces. Give your imagination a shot of adrenaline, and enter a world that will make your blood run cold.

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