We help brands connect with the listeners in our podcast network. With Sonoro, you can sponsor and place ads on podcasts with extensive reaches, adding to your campaign goals and media strategies.

Together we can create original branded content and build a distinct audience to entertain your clients and consumers.

Let’s work together!


Highly relevant content

We tell the best stories in both fiction podcasts and weekly chat shows that connect listeners to the culture in powerful ways.

Active Attention

Podcasts are intimate experiences that require the listener´s full attention while immersed in highly relevant content.

On-Demand Audio Streaming

Fans can listen to their favorite podcasts whenever and wherever they want, dedicating a special time to this activity.

Sense of Community

Sonoro’s podcasts generate highly interactive conversations that transcend the entire digital ecosystem.


Audio Ads
60, 30, or 15 second ads that generate a reach at scale that are aimed at an audience of millions of listeners. If you don’t have an audio ad, we can help you develop one!

Baked In or Host Read Ads
Brand messages delivered by our hosts, lending their unique styles and tones that connect with their audiences. These ads generate the most trust among listeners.

Sonoro is constantly developing and distributing original premium series. Don’t miss out on being a part of them!

Branded Content
Create a wholly unique brand experience. Along with the Sonoro development team, create original audio content utilizing a host or developing a fictional story with actors and immersive audio design.

We can collaborate on existing content or co-create an entirely new series!

Let’s work together!