El Mundo de Stephen

Inspired by horror writer Stephen King, this fiction series reimagines the author’s creative process and takes us on a journey through his deranged mind and deepest fears captured on paper.

Experimentos Retorcidos

A podcast series to rethink the human through stories that show the darkest side of psychology, science, medicine, and psychiatry and their not-so-hopeful results for the human species.

Sombras de la Casa Grande

In an old mansion, some mysteries whisper in each corridor... and silences hide behind the walls. The ghostly butler of the house is the one who narrates with macabre and sarcastic humor the stories that have happened there.

Dimensiones Oscuras

A very different far away land from the classic fairy tales... Here we present the other stories, what happened before or after, of the magical tales that you were told when you were a kid.

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