Delsy Sandoval

Delsy Sandoval is a Guatemalan-American licensed therapist, visual artist, and a passionate advocate for creativity and co-host of Tamarindo Podcast. She is also the founder of the breakthrough Ocu-Pasión Podcast featuring Latin American artists and visionaries. Originally from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, Delsy has dedicated her career to serving Latin American communities across the country, focusing on social services, community building, and mental health programming. Her ultimate goal is to merge mental health support with the expressive power of art for healing. Delsy's enthusiasm for storytelling and her curiosity about the art of creation continue to drive her forward, shaping her exciting journey ahead.

Brenda Gonzalez

Brenda Gonzalez is co-founder of Tamarindo LLC and co-host of Tamarindo Podcast. She is a political nerd, public speaker, and nonprofit capacity-builder. She has over 15 years of experience working with community-based organizations, most recently at a national Latino civil rights organization. Brenda co-founded Tamarindo podcast in 2016 with the mission to use comedy and laughter to illuminate important issues impacting the Latinx community.

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