Abelardo Chahwan

Abelardo Chahwan is a Venezuelan comedian, content creator and actor based in Miami. With more than 14 years in social media, he is recognized as one of the most influential creators in the Latin market. His humor and style have captivated followers of all ages. In addition, his versatility in acting and charisma have consolidated him as a multifaceted talent. Abelardo is a reference in social networks, creatively connecting with his audience and leaving a significant footprint in the digital landscape.


Isra, the energetic Latin artist born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, has captivated audiences with his music full of strength and empowerment. Recognized in Latin urban rock, his songs inspire people to fearlessly pursue their dreams. A collaborator of prominent artists and strategic ally of Fortune 500 brands, Isra continues to evolve and be a source of global inspiration.

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