Luis Gerardo Méndez

Luis Gerardo Méndez as Dr. Leopoldo Salazar Viniegra. He is a Mexican actor and producer. Méndez has starred in movies including Nosotros los Nobles and Murder Mystery as well as TV shows like the original Netflix series Club de Cuervos.

Aida López

Aida López as Dolores Estévez Zuleta aka "Lola la Chata." She is a Mexican film, theater and television actress. Her TV and film credits include Capadocia, Ingobernable, and Frida.

Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson as Harry J. Anslinger, Commissioner of the US Federal Bureau of Narcotics. Wilson is an American actor best known for his role as Dwight Schrute on the popular comedy series, The Office.

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