Carmen Graterol

Carmen Graterol is the Managing Senior Producer at Sonoro Media. They develop narrative nonfiction podcasts and oversee a team of badass producers, engineers, and writers in both English and Spanish. Before joining Sonoro, Carmen produced podcasts for various international outlets, including Vice and Spotify. In another lifetime photography was their passion but the intimacy of audio documentaries stole their heart. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, they are a nomad at heart but currently call Mexico City home.

Evelyn Uribe

Evelyn Uribe aka Eve, is a northern, a raging feminist, a gossip journalist and non-fiction producer at Sonoro Media, (not necessarily in that order). She likes telling stories in audio and has worked in English and Spanish productions such as: Ídolo: La Balada de Chalino Sánchez, Paradise Lost, and some other badass productions that will see the light soon. Before Sonoro Eve studied communications at UNAM and she liked spending her days reading scientific papers and embroidering little birds.

Mariana Coronel

Mariana Coronel is an associated producer at Sonoro Media. She’s been part of the editing and production of shows like: El Viaje de Alexis de Anda, Cinepop, Supracortical among others, as well as the development of original scripts for Sonoro. Outside Sonoro Mariana is a fashion influencer in platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok and Pinterest, gathering among all of them more than 50,000 followers to whom she shares outfit ideas, and a little of her everyday life.

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