Tenoch Huerta

Tenoch Huerta is Aurelio Gallardo, an engineer, widow, and Susana’s father. He is in charge of the Water Monitoring Unit in Mexico City. As the protagonist, he unmasks the government´s abuse of the city’s aquifers and their scheme to cover it up. His mission is to save his daughter´s life amid the chaos.

Alejandra Robles

Alejandra Robles Gil is Lucía Castell, a restless journalist who writes for El Centinela’s Culture section. Despite her current job, Lucia yearns to write for the paper’s National section to cover the subject she is most passionate about: politics.

Manuel Balbi

Manuel Balbi is Bruno Fajardo, a cunning man who straddles the line between right and wrong. On the one hand, he’s the most reliable source of information Lucía has, but on the other hand, he works under the orders of El Chivo, the right-hand man to the most notorious organized crime boss in the city: Isidro Cárdenas.

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