Luis Obregón

Luis Obregón has been involved in creating, distributing, and producing NFL content for more than ten years. Founding partner of Primero y Diez, a fan of American football as a sport and also of everything that its practice at a professional level can imply beyond the field of play. His excellent taste for movies and television makes him an enthusiast of the stories created on and off the football pitch.

Miguel Angel Esses

Miguel Angel Esses has created football content for almost fifteen years, covering the NFL, the NCAA, and Mexican football from his personal project, “Formación Escopeta”. He has also collaborated with several football content projects, always trying to focus on the stories around the game. A firm believer that Joe Gibbs is the greatest football coach of all time. He has rooted for 3 football teams in his life: the Redskins, the Football Team, and the Commanders.

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