Fátima Torre

Fatima Torre Actress from an early age; she made her career in soap operas winning the affection of the public with her characters, when she became a mom she decided to share her experience and anecdotes in social networks opening her YouTube channel and having closer and direct contact with her family environment; always with the responsibility of sharing valuable information and help to other moms and women. She is a mom of two, actress now doing theater, daughter, sister, woman, human always looking to be better and share her experiences.

Lorenza Sanchez

Lorenza Sanches is a specialist in content analysis and pop culture, Lorenza, through Mamá No Sabe, has built a network of real motherhood that seeks to generate spaces to bring specialized content to women for more than six years. A communicologist by profession, she has been working as a strategic communications consultant for 17 years and is a contributor to radio programs on W Radio. In 2019, together with Fátima Torre, she co-created the podcast ConMadres. She is the mother of 2, Elena and Martín. She is a wife, daughter, woman and creative dreamer at heart.2

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