Manolo Cardona

Manolo Cardona is a recognized Colombian actor, and film and TV producer with several box office hits. In 2005, he became co-founder and executive VP of 11:11 Films & TV, an international film and television production company. Manolo created the company with the aim of creating quality content that can be profitable in at least two markets or territories. By 2015, the company expanded to Mexico and the Dominican Republic reaching an international market and developing series such as La Hermandad, La Fiscal de Hierro, Rubirosa, Claramente, La negociadora, etc. — all with great success in the Latin American markets. He has also participated in large, successful projects with international recognition such as Now & Then, Narcos, Reign, Fort Bliss, Covert Affairs, El cartel de los sapos, Contracorriente, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, El rey de todo el mundo, Love Film Festival, 2091, María Magdalena, and more.

Maclovia González

Maclovia González is a presenter and actress with an innate histrionic talent for acting and imitating accents. For more than 20 years, she has managed to remain in force as a versatile voice actress and always at the forefront in the national and North American market. In 2021, she was nominated for Best Commercial Demo at the Voice Arts Awards, NY, USA. She was also a winner of the Lavat Award for Best Female Commercial Spot and for Best Female Voiceover at El Círculo Creativo de Oro 2019 in Mexico. She is currently the voice of: BMW, FEDEX, Spotify, Banamex, Vivaerobus, Eva Longoria for L'Óreal Paris and was the voice of the HBO MAX channel.

Carlos Ballarta

Carlos Ballarta is a Mexican Stand-Up comedian and actor. He began his artistic career as a voice actor, performing for the first time at an Open Mic in 2012. Soon after, because of the fear of looking straight at the public, he started to wear sunglasses, which later became his signature look. After his debut on Comedy Central Latin America in 2014, he turned into a fan favorite. Since then, he has recorded two Netflix Specials and has toured through Mexico, Latin America, the United States, and Europe. He has also appeared as an actor, comedian, and voice actor in multiple movies and television shows, which has positioned him as one of the most recognized faces within the growing Latin American Stand-Up comedy scene.

Axel de la Rosa

Axel de la Rosa is a Cuban actor based in Mexico. He has appeared in multiple international productions such as Narcos Mexico 3 (Netflix) and Travesuras de La Niña Mala (Vix). Also, he has participated in several plays, between Panama and Mexico, where "Nuestra Señora de las nubes" stands out.

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