Viri Rios

Viri Rios has a PhD in Government from Harvard University where she also teaches Public Policy. Her work as a progressive and disruptive thought leader has earned her the recognition as the title one of Mexico’s “movers and shakers” by The Economist. In 2020, she was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. As a social entrepreneur, she runs #FuisteTu, a group that identifies acts of corruption in public spending, and is the Executive Director of Dateras, a female-owned company that seeks to empower civil society through the effective use of data.

Carlos Bravo Regidor

Carlos Bravo Regidor is an associate professor and research coordinator at Mexico’s CIDE think tank. He has a degree in International Relations from El Colegio de México and a postgraduate degree in History from the University of Chicago. As a political analyst he is a contributor to various print media as well as a radio and television commentator. Carlos has been featured in The New York Times in Spanish, Reforma, Dissent, Letras Libres,, W Radio, Foro TV and Canal Eleven.

Mariel Ibarra

Mariel Ibarra has covered politics for Grupo Expansión for eight years. During this time she has led several investigations that have made waves, including the article titled, “Los Piratas de Borge.” She is a contributor for "Ayotzinapa: La travesía de las tortugas," a book that details the story of the 2014 mass kidnapping in Iguala, Mexico.

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