Alejandro Bazán

Alejandro Bazán has more than 13 years of experience in economics and business journalism and has been the editor of Expansión´s economics desk for seven years, conducting research and reporting on financial information. He was co-editor of business with exclusive reports in Reforma. He has a degree in journalism and communications from UNAM with a specialization in monetary and financial economics. You can find him on twitter as @abazan9 for more financial and economic tips.

Dainzú Patiño

Dainzú Patiño has 13 years of experience in journalism in media such as Milenio, T21, El Financiero-Bloomberg, Expansión-CNN, El Financiero and Forbes, researching and writing about public and personal finances, foreign trade and monetary policy. Graduated from UNAM with a degree in Communication and Journalism with a diploma in Journalistic Update at ITESM, with a diploma in Macroeconomic Indicators at MIDE and another in Control and Transparency in Public Administration at UNAM. She loves cycling and loves being a podcaster; you can find her on Twitter as @DainzuP and Instagram @dainzupalitroche.

Luz Elena Marcos

Luz Elena Marcos has been a desk reporter at Expansión for five years covering business, management, human capital and breaking news. She writes about banking, financial institutions, insurance and Afores as well as personal finance topics. She has a degree in communication and journalism from FES Acatlán and a diploma in advanced editorial design from the same university. You can follow her on Twitter as @luzzelenasinH for coverage of all personal finance topics.

José Guadalupe Ávila

José Guadalupe Ávila an economics reporter with more than 13 years of experience. He has been a reporter at Expansión for four years, reporting on finance and economics. He has worked at Grupo Radio Formula as an editor and has been a sports commentator and analyst at AyM Sports, especially about his greatest hobby: basketball. Pepe has a degree in communications from UNAM. You can follow him on Twitter for sports, finance and economics topics as @PepeAvila98.

Alberto Verdusco

Alberto Verdusco chief Information and Editorial Officer at Grupo Expansion with more than 20 years of experience. He has worked at El Universal as an economics reporter and editor in the portfolio section; he also worked at Milenio as a reporter and co-editor. He is so passionate about journalism that, in addition to studying Economics at UNAM, he earned a degree in Journalism from SEP. You can follow him on Twitter as @MarioAlberto18 for economics, finance, sports and more. A soccer fan and his favorite teams are Milan and Pumas, he enjoys running a lot and would like to do a marathon. He also loves red wine, loves pizza and Mexican food, especially pozole.

Mónica Alfaro

Mónica Alfaro communicologist with 15 years of experience in media production, doing commercial voice-over, hosting programs and events with original and accessible content. She has done production and content for W Radio, Los 40 and Algarabía, both in their magazines, radio programs and, of course, podcasts. She currently manages and produces podcasts and some video products for Expansión. Communicologist from U. Anáhuac and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She likes cycling and is addicted to coffee. She is bad at reading but enjoys it very much and today, as a fan of audio, she has become a regular reader of audiobooks.

Gonzalo Soto

Gonzalo Soto editorial Director at Grupo Expansion with more than 10 years working in media on various platforms. He has worked at Grupo Reforma as Staff Writer covering telecommunications, energy, macroeconomics, Ministry of Finance and Bank of Mexico; he was also Business Director in charge of a team of more than 20 people in the generation of content for the print edition, web, podcast and editorial supplements. In addition, he worked at El Financiero as Editor of Bloomberg Businessweek Mexico, where in less than two years he won the award for Best Economic and Financial Media in Ibero-America in magazine format, awarded by IE Business School. He is a soccer fan and his favorite team is the San Francisco 49ers, he loves writing and reading, as well as playing video games and listening to music. He is also passionate about soccer and his favorite team is the Pumas. He is a journalist with a passion for good stories about business, economics, finance, politics and technology.

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