Mario Arturo López Capistrán

Mario Arturo López Capistrán, a.k.a El Borre, born in Ciudad Juárez, is known for being a divine, fluffy, and cruel creature. He lived all his life in Ciudad Juárez until he decided to embark on a journey all the way to the state of San Luis Potosí. When he returned to his beloved little Juarez, he dedicated himself to seeking the perfect glass of chocolate milk and, finally, found love from his new family: Leyendas Legendarias. Now a happily married father, he finally found what he always wanted: a job where he’s treated like a human being.

Luisardo Garcia

Luisardo Garcia is a content creator from El Paso, Texas with over 10 years of media experience. He has worked from advertising tamales on the radio to being the host of a local television newscast. He has made special coverage in different cities in the United States and was the winner of an Emmy award. However, for some reason that nobody understands, he decided to leave his journalistic career to dedicate himself to comedy and to make a podcast. We wish him the best of luck.

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