Luis Obregón

Luis Obregón has been involved in the creation, distribution and production of NFL content for more than ten years. Founding partner of Primero y Diez, fan of American football as a sport and also of everything that its practice at a professional level can imply beyond the field of play. His great taste for movies and television make him an enthusiast about the stories that are created on and off the football pitch.

Jorge Tinajero

Jorge Tinajero is an American football enthusiast, from its strategy to everything that involves the world of the NFL, which he transfers to the creation of spoken and written content. Founding partner of Primero y Diez where he operates the guts of the site and its different platforms. He is a Denver Broncos fan, thanks to John Elway’s times, the culprits of planting in him the idea of ​​not giving up despite how adverse the circumstances may seem.

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