Jorge Alor

Immersed in the digital world since his childhood, Jorge Alor has worked on diverse projects focused on digital innovation. After founding two premier magazines in Mexico’s digital culture (Sputnik and Atomix), Jorge created BNN, a pioneering digital marketing agency and one of the first to use data to develop, optimize, and personalize campaigns based on algorithms.

Mario Valle

Mario Valle Reyes is the founder of Altered Ventures, an investment fund for video games, VR/AR, and E-Sports, based in Silicon Valley. He worked at Electronic Arts for 11 years, first as the Director of Latin America and later as the Director of Business Development for Emerging Markets. Mario has been an investor in public markets since 2010 and founded InvestorCamp in 2018, a stock education initiative to train young investors. He co-founded Electronic Game Show, Latingamer, Gaming Partners, and Sputnik Cultura Digital Magazine in his early years.

Jaime Limón

Jaime Limón grew up with video games and the idea that technology would change the world. He first discovered the internet in 1991 and never looked back. Jaime is the founder of the Aldea Internet Agency and a founding editor of Sputnik Magazine. Since 1998, he has worked for Microsoft’s marketing team, where he has launched more than 400 products for Latin America and led the Xbox team in Mexico. Today, he is responsible for the global marketing of new releases for Minecraft.

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