Esteban Madrigal

Esteban Madrigal Allande is an architect by training, but astrologer by passion. After studying astrology in different in-person, online and self-taught workshops, in 2019 he decided to create "Astrología Millennial", a platform oriented to share his knowledge with others, and spread the complex language of astrology, in a fun, entertaining and attainable way for our generation. Since then, he has graduated thousands of students from his masterclasses and evolutionary astrological training workshops, has given hundreds of birth chart consultations and has the most listened to astrology podcast in Mexico. Likewise, he has made horoscopes for companies such as Cosmopolitan, Telemundo, or Deezer and has collaborated in astrological content creation campaigns with brands such as Netflix, Bumble, XBox, Smirnoff, or McDonald's, to name a few. His interest is that more and more people know and deepen their knowledge about the wonderful world of astrology and know how to use its tools, such as the birth chart, to know themselves better, improve their relationships and discover how to connect with their talents and potentials.

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