Alejandro Bazán

Alejandro Bazán has over 13 years of experience as a journalist covering business and economics. He has been the editor of Expansión´s Economy News Desk for seven years, conducting research and reporting on the biggest financial stories.

Dainzú Patiño

Dainzú Patiño is a reporter at Expansión´s Economy News Desk focusing on public finances. She has spent 13 years as a journalist for media organizations including Milenio, T21, El Financiero-Bloomberg, Expansión-CNN, El Financiero and Forbes, where she has investigated and written about public and personal finances, foreign trade, and economic policies.

Luz Elena Marcos

Luz Elena Marcos is a reporter at Expansión who over the past five years has covered everything from business to human capital to breaking news. Her articles focus on banking, financial institutions, insurance and retirement funds, as well as personal finance.

José Guadalupe Ávila

José Guadalupe Ávila is a financial reporter with more than 13 years of experience. He has been a reporter for Expansión for four years, reporting on the economy. Prior to Expansión, he worked at Grupo Radio Formula as a writer and at AyM Sports as a sports commentator and analyst, where he covered his favorite hobby: basketball.

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