Marcela Jimenez

Marcela Jimenez is a mom of 2, but she is also a super creative Venezuelan lawyer and entrepreneur. Six years ago, she fell in love with Mexico and decided to stay. After launching her own stationery brand, "Lenita", she joined Sandra in the podcast "Se Regalan Hijos". There, Marcela really enjoys that by sharing her craziest experiences of motherhood, she can make life easier for other moms who think they are the only ones who have "terrible" things happen to them. Besides being a super talented crafter, Marcela loves trips to the beach and enjoys dancing to all kinds of Latin music.

Sandra Bermúdez

Sandra Bermúdez is a Venezuelan mom of 3, new to the world of podcasting, and has brought her charisma and life experience to the air with "Se regalan hijos". With 15 years of experience as a medical visitor and an innate passion for animals, Sandra has been able to adapt to new situations, such as her move to Mexico 8 years ago. In her new home, Sandra met Marcela, with whom she shares laughs and anecdotes about mothering Jeremías, Rebeca and Tatiana, as well as her adventures with her two dogs and a cat. Together, they have created a fresh and entertaining podcast that addresses the joys and challenges of motherhood and family life in a multicultural context, making Sandra an authentic and refreshing voice in the podcasting landscape.

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